See the Viking era from the Viking Trail

No other place is the memories from the Viking era as rich as here in Vestfold. The Viking Trail in Vestfold is a road leading to both exciting experiences and knowledge.

Opplevelsesrik historie- og kulturled

The Viking road extends from Mølen by Larvik to the Borre mounds and Midgard historical center in Borre, a 37 miles stretch. The memories of the Vikings are everywhere along the Vestfold-ra, the moraine that is left along the coast after the ice withdrew 10.000 years ago. This is where the people settled after the ice disappeared and the land rose. It was easy to cultivate here because of the self-draining soil. It was easy to walk along the moraine, so it became a natural road. It was just as nice to live in Vestfold back then as it is now.

It is the pattern of the mentioned societies we follow when we follow the Viking road. The recent years, the traffic has found new directions, mainly on the inside of the moraine. This is an advantage for those who want to follow the Viking Trail. The road takes you through coastal nature, beautiful and open culture landscape and an area with little traffic. You can follow the route by car, bicycle, or by foot. The Viking Trail offers many experiences. You will see large and impressive grave mounds, memories of Norway´s first city, Kaupang, and the places where our most important Viking findings were found. Vestfold county has made an informative brochure about this road that us from Møler, via Kaupang, Istrehågan, Gokstadhaugen, de large grave mounds in Tønsberg, Oseberghaugen and Tønsberg city, before the trip ends in the beautiful Borre park.

The picture above is from Sandefjord, and the image farther down the page is from Istrehågan with the stone ship.


For a time this was the biggest
fortress in Scandinavia.


Norway´s first UNESCO European Geopark


A gateway to the Viking Age


Haugar was a thingstead in the Middle Age.