The sail revolutionized the Viking ship

The use of sails on the ships made it possible to sail the open sea, and it opened the way to the countries in the North sea area. It is believed that the sail has been used some places from as early as the 600s, and by the mid 700s, it was common in many places. By using a sail, they could get to the countries that used to be out of reach. Image: The ship "Gaia" (the Gokstad ship copy) sailing between the island of Veierland and Sandefjord´s mainland.

“Did you know that the Vikings equipped their boats with sails woven of sheep wool?”

Unlimited sailing opportunities

Fabrics in Scandinavia during the Viking era was made for most of wool, silk, linen, or hemp. The process of making the sail is a process in itself. The wool of the yarn is made from spælsau - also known as Viking sheep.

Nowadays, sheep and cattle graze on 20 of the islands in the Vestfold archipelago. When the replica of the Oseberg ship was to be built, it was therefore natural to follow the craftsmanship of the Viking era. The sail on Saga Oseberg is made of wool from sheep in Vestfold. The unique sail on Saga Oseberg is referred to as "The World's Most Beautiful Cruise Sail"