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Norway is home to the largest and best public hut system in the world, a way of life for locals and a novelty for visitors. As a DNT member, you receive a discount at 500 cabins in Norway.

Norway's amazing hiking cabins

The local member associations operate 550 cabins across the country, mark routes and ski tracks. DNT members are given discounts on accomodation at all cabins and on served meals at the staffed cabins.

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DNT members are given discounts on accommodation at all cabins and on served meals at the staffed lodges. They have priority on bunks when cabins are crowded and can borrow cabin keys against a deposit. In southern Norway, the member associations have large staffed lodges and most other cabins are self-service. In northern Norway, the member associations have only no-service cabins.

Learn about the cabins and how to use them.

There are three types of cabins with accomodation: Staffed lodges, self-service cabins and no-service cabins:



Staffed lodges serve breakfast and dinner. Many have showers and electricity, either from the power grid or from a local generator.


The self-service cabins are equipped with all that trekkers need for cooking and sleeping. Firewood, gas, kitchen utensils, table linen and bunks with blanks or duvets and pillows (hut sacks, also known as hut sleepers, are required!).


No-service cabins usually have the same equipment as self-service cabins, but they have no provisions.

Mount Skåla tower is located on a 1,843-metre peak, with

views over the fjords and glaciers that surround it.. e 20-bed, self-catered

tower was built in 1891, the brainchild of Dr Hans Henrik Gerhard Kloumann,

who conceived it as a place for visitors to rest body and soul


Private cabins

Private staffed lodges resemble but may have higher or lower standards and prices than DNT staffed lodges. Some are real hotels. The seasons of opening vary just as for DNT staffed lodges. A few of the private cabins have limited or no food service. You can advance book at some private cabins to be sure of accomodation, as described in the cabin overviews.

Private self-service cabins resemble their DNT counterparts, but may have different standards, prices and food selections.

Private no-service cabins resemble their DNT counterparts, but may have different standards and prices.

The letter R at the end of a cabin overview means that DNT members are entitled to a discount.

The symbol of a private cabins at or in a map, is a blue cabin.


Lodgings can not always be booked in advance. Everyone who comes to a cabin will have a place to sleep, either in a bunk or on a mattress on the floor if all bunks are taken. The staffed lodges serve meals, but you shouldn't arrive past serving times.

Members can book stays of three nights or more at most staffed lodges, except in high seasons, when the cabins are crowded. To book, contact the staffed cabin directly.

Cabin seasons

Most staffed lodges are open from late June until early September, but some have longer or shorter seasons. You can check opening dates at The staffed lodges also put out the season bridges when they open. It can be hard to pass a river in june without the bridge. Many no-service cabins also close in some seasons. Seasons usually are stated in the cabin lists for each trekking area. The local trekking associations, as well as DNT online at, list seasons for all association as well as most private cabins.


Locking - The DNT Cabin Key

Self-service and no-service cabins are locked with the standard DNT cabin key. If you are a member of DNT or of an affiliated association in another country, you can borrow a DNT cabin key against a deposit of NOK 100, which is refunded upon return. You can pick up and return cabin keys at staffed lodges, DNT member association offices as well as at the offices of DNT representatives in Norway and in other countries. Read more about the DNT-key here.

Many self-service and no-service are unlocked. Some have their own locks. Some cabins are completely closed and not available in some seasons. A cabin may be closed to protect local animals and birds, to comply with an agreement with the owner, or because the trekking association leases it only for certain seasons. Some unstaffed cabins require advance booking, as described in the cabin overviews for each trekking area.

The locking arrangements usually are stated in the cabin lists for each trekking area.

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Enjoy the advantages
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Join the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) and enjoy the advantages of membership, including:

#Member prices at about 550 trekking association cabins across the country

#Against a deposit, have a key to DNT’s self-service cabins and no-service cabins

#Discounts at several private mountain hotels and tourist lodges

#Discounts at Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic trekking association mountain cabins

#Subscription to the membership magazine, Fjell og Vidde, The DNT yearbook

#Discount on outdoor gear at the trekking association offices or at selected shops across the country

#Discount on the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) customer card

#Support DNT’s nature conservation activities across the country

#Support marking of safe trails and tracks in forests and mountain areas and contribute to preserving our unique access to trekking

Åmotdalshytta. Photographer: Danmichaelo

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